Burt Reynolds Confined To A Wheelchair


Burt Reynolds is now in such bad shape that the one-time Hollywood superstar uses a motorized wheelchair to get around!

“Burt has trouble moving, to say the least,” said an old pal.

“He likes to joke he’s ‘lost a step or two — or maybe five.’ But it’s no joke that he has great trouble walking!”

The ENQUIRER reported earlier this week on how the struggling star relied on a cane to make it into television studios to promote his new autobiography.

Added the friend: “Now, even while he’s doing publicity for ‘But Enough About Me,’ Burt has to greet people sitting down, because it’s painful to even stand!”

Burt, 79, reportedly says his physical problems are the result of an “an old football injury,” but his pal said it’s much worse than that: “If he has to move any kind of distance, he uses a motorized scooter!

“It’s very sad to see this once-vital man laid so low!”

The “Smokey and The Bandit” sensation needs your prayers, another source said.

Once Hollywood’s hottest heartthrob, gaunt Burt is now barely recognizable—and his right knee buckles when he walks.

“He’s a mere a shadow of his former self,” said the insider.

Burt’s “never gotten truly better” despite undergoing quintuple bypass surgery in February 2010.

Plus, Burt has developed agonizing rheumatoid arthritis, which sources said is the real reason he often has to rely on the scooter.

“It’s humiliating to Burt,” added the source.

“He’s always been this macho man—and to be reduced to this, getting around by cart, is mortifying!

“But he has to do it for the sake of promoting his book.

“It’s all he has left!”