Another Fling?

Britney Spears’ For An Encore With Old Flame Colin Farrell!

The bad boy is spurning the pop princess' advances.

Britney Spears Colin Farrell Dating — She Wants To Be With Him
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Oops, let’s do it again! Desperate Britney Spears still carries a torch for a long-lost love, bad boy Colin Farrell — but he’s resisting another romance!

With her love life in tatters, single Britney calls Colin the one who got away, and she’s dying to rekindle flames of love with the sexy Irish star!

Britney, 34, and Colin, 39, enjoyed a fiery 2003 fling that was as hot as it was brief — and the memory still sets off sparks in the singer, a friend told The National Enquirer.

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“They were all over each other back then,” dished the source. “But I don’t think either was thinking straight.”

A year after dating the rogue Colin, Britney married dancer/rapper Kevin Federline, with whom she had two sons before their messy 2007 divorce.

Britney and Colin saw their lives come crashing down after their quickie romance. Colin entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in 2005, while Britney suffered an emotional collapse in 2008 that led to her being placed in a psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center.

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“Now that both toe the straight and narrow, Britney would absolutely love a second chance with Colin,” said a friend.