He's Working It!

Britney Spears’ Ex Is Spinning For Strippers

It's the naked truth about K-Fed!

Kevin federline britney spears getty
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Kevin Federline — who enjoyed some brief fame as the husband of Britney Spears — has a new gig as resident DJ at Sin City’s Crazy Horse III strip club!

That’s only 2.8 miles away from Planet Hollywood, where his former wife (and mom to his two sons) is headlining at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino!

But Federline said there won’t be any drama — because the formerly feuding couple gets along now!

“We talk, but I’d say 98 percent of it is about what’s going on with our children, making sure everybody is okay,” he said.

And on the subject of strip clubs, Kev was asked how many naked women he’s seen in person.

“Man,” he answered, “I don’t think I can count that high … I would say hundreds of thousands!”