Botched Meg Ryan Ditches Plastic Surgery Ahead of John Mellencamp Wedding

The actress is laying off the Botox and fillers before marrying John Mellencamp!

Meg Ryan Ditching Plastic Surgery
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Botched Meg Ryan is ditching the knife! The plastic-surgery-filled actress has visibly gone overboard in the past with Botox and fillers, but now that she is set to wed John Mellencamp, sources tell The National ENQUIRER that she’s kissing those procedures goodbye.

“Far from going under the knife to prepare for her wedding day, Meg has decided to ditch the Botox and fillers altogether. Although John loves her no matter what, she knows she has gone overboard with the cosmetic work in the past and it’s done some damage to her looks,” the insider revealed of Meg, who confirmed her engagement to the “Jack and Diane” singer three months ago. 

“Meg wants to look like herself when she says ‘I do’ and is hoping that stopping visits to her surgeon’s office will help turn back the clock. But she’s still getting facials and laser treatments to ensure she appears as youthful as possible,” the source continued. “Everyone thinks Meg is stunning without surgery and they hope she’ll stick to a more natural look in future!”

Meg Ryan Ditching Plastic Surgery

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The 57-year-old has never admitted to being nipped and tucked, but plastic surgeons — who have never worked with Meg — dished to ENQUIRER in the past about her butchered look. Dr. Yoel Shahar specifically commented on her rather plump lips. “The sides of her upper lip, they overfilled it and it looks funny, like a duck. “You can see the filler itself. Bumpiness across the upper lip — that’s not natural. Whatever she has had injected has to be reduced because that’s awful.”

Dr. Matthew Schulman also shared, “Her cheeks appear far too plump, the result of injectable fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane — or perhaps she had permanent cheek implants placed.”

Meg may have decided to lay off the plastic surgery before she says “I do,” the real question, though, is if there’s any chance at actually saving her face…