Divorce Wars!

Bitter Bill O’Reilly Sues Ex-Wife Over Cheating Charges

Wants revenge over custody battle!

bill oreilly cheating divorce case
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Sore loser Bill O’Reilly is hellbent on revenge after a court gave full custody of his two kids to his ex-wife — and he’s clobbering his former spouse with a $10 million lawsuit, accusing her of cheating on him!

“The O’Reilly Factor” star, 66, says his ex, Maureen McPhilmy, 50, lied about being true before they separated in 2010.

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He claims she’d been cheating with Detective Jeffrey Gross of New York’s Nassau County Police Department — who she’s since wed — and used the big bucks she got from her settlement to support an “existing extramarital relationship.”

Bitter Bill filed the new suit, asking it be tried in secret, just days after a court awarded Maureen full custody of kids Madeline, 17, and Spencer, 13.

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The nasty newsman — who was sued for sexual harassment in 2004 — has been accused of pulling dirty tricks on Maureen before, including getting cops to launch an internal-affairs probe of Jeffrey, and privately hiring a woman who was supposed to be a “neutral” therapist to mediate disputes with Maureen.

“He just can’t let go,” sighed a TV insider.