Bill Cosby Could Be Nailed By His Own Servants!

His former estate manager and valet are lined up to testify.

Bill Cosby trial former employees testify
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Authorities in Pennsylvania plan to call up “at least three secret witnesses” who could help prosecutors put Bill Cosby behind bars!

The National ENQUIRER has learned the creepy comic’s former estate manager and an ex-valet could provide blockbuster testimony that would convict Cosby of sexual assault!

“The valet had a front-row seat” to America’s once quintessential TV dad’s “perverted sexual antics,” a law enforcement source told The ENQUIRER.

Bill Cosby Loses Again In Sexual Assault Criminal Case

Police are “trying to locate” the valet, who worked at Cosby’s estate outside Philadelphia before Temple University employee Andrea Constand was attacked there in 2004.

Cosby was charged Dec. 30 with three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault relating to the attack. His lawyers quickly hit back, arguing a previous prosecutor had verbally granted the star immunity from those charges a decade earlier.

But on Feb. 3, Cosby suffered a devastating blow when a judge refused to dismiss the charges. If convicted, the 78-year-old could serve up to 10 years in a state prison.

Bill Cosby’s Wife Forced To Give Rape Testimony

Cosby allegedly immobilized a “semi-conscious” Andrea before he “touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbing his penis against her hand and digitally penetrated” her.

In a sealed deposition for a civil lawsuit that was made public last July, Cosby admitted to putting his hands down Andrea’s pants and fondling her. He also confessed to giving women Quaaludes for sexual encounters.

The former Jell-O pitchman has been accused of being a serial knockout-drug rapist who attacked up to 100 women over a 43-year span.

O.J. Simpson Was Bill Cosby’s Drug Dealer!

As the case moves forward, our source revealed the other potential witness is Gladys Rodgers, 75, who oversaw Cosby’s estate, where she lived from 1983 until 2002.

“She could possibly demolish Cosby’s defense at trial since she was rudely fired from the estate on the advice of a spiritual advisor to Cosby at the time,” dished the snitch.

“I was stunned. After all these years, for it to happen like this,” an angry Gladys told The ENQUIRER in 2002 of her job loss.

Bill Cosby’s Criminal Sex Tape Photos 

“Though Gladys was let go before Andrea was attacked, it’s possible she can provide investigators with bombshell details about Cosby’s kinky habits,” revealed a law enforcement spy.