Janice Dickinson Under Attack By Bill Cosby Fans As Judge Rules Against Her!

Janice dickinson bill cosby harassment sq

A judge ruled that Bill Cosby doesn't have to provide a deposition in the civil suit in which supermodel Janice Dickinson accuses him of drugging and raping her!

Now the brunette beauty is being attacked online by crazed Cosby defenders!

Janice came forward in 2014 to accuse Cosby of raping her in 1982 — and later filed a lawsuit over defamation, saying Cosby and his former attorney said she lied about the alleged sexual assault in a Lake Tahoe, Calif., hotel room.

The National ENQUIRER had the scoop when a judge originally ruled in November that the comic would have to testify in the case, but the court ruling yesterday temporarily backed an appeal by Cosby's lawyers.

Since then, Janice has been attacked on her Instagram account by gloating fans of Cosby.

The 60-year-old model hasn't made any statement about the ruling, but gloating Cosby defenders have rushed to post their own comments on Janice's most recent photos.

Much of the commentary is riddled with obscenities, along with accusations of Janice lying about the rape charges in order to extort money from Cosby.

Janice has been outspoken about the strain of speaking out against Cosby, having earlier said: "It's been extremely difficult for my two children and my fiancé and my friends, and it has been extremely hard for me."