Trial By Fire!

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial — Defense To Accuser: Are You Gay?

Andrea on hot seat over sexual orientation!

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Andrea Constand was forced to play defense again — not on a court, but in court!

Lawyers for Bill Cosby attempted to challenge her about her sexual orientation and her alleged relationship with a “male celebrity athlete” to suggest that she “may not be gay.”

The defense also argued that any of Constand’s prior relationships are relevant to the case on the basis that even her own legal team have previously stated that she could not have had a sexual interest in Cosby because she is gay.

It was discovered that Cosby’s accuser had a relationship with the unidentified athlete while authorities investigated her claims that Cosby molested her back in 2004 on a couch in his Pennsylvania mansion.

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“We believe that this tells a very interesting story about what the heck is going on here,” Cosby lawyer Brian McMonagle argued. “I’m assuming they tried to see whether or not this was a pattern on her part of chasing celebrities.”

The motion was denied by Judge Steven O’Neill citing, “the age-old tactic of victim shaming.”

“There exists absolutely no logical connection between the defendant’s guilt and Ms. Constand’s relationship status, her sexual orientation or her past partners,” stated court papers.

Pennsylvania’s Rape Shield Law, which protects sex-crime victims, prohibits Constand from being questioned about her past relationships — barring Cosby’s defense team from introducing Constand’s relationship with a woman around the time the alleged incident took place at the comic’s home.

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In addition, one of Cosby’s own defenders inadvertently compared his client’s actions to a sexual predator!

Following the testimony of Veronique Valliere — a Forensic Psychologist who explained on the stand how a sex assault victim might react — attorney Brian McMonagle pointed out, “What she’s discussing is eerily, quite frankly, similar to what has been alleged in this case.”

Cosby faces a maximum of 15 to 30 years in prison and a fine up to $25,000 if he is found guilty on all three counts.