Rob Shuter

Bette Midler Gives ‘Hello Dolly’ Cast The Silent Treatment

Singing legend needs her vocal rest!

bette midler broadway vocal rest
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It’s very quiet backstage at the mega-hit Broadway musical “Hello, Dolly!” — because Bette Midler is refusing to speak to anyone!

“Bette does not talk when she is offstage,” an insider tells The National ENQUIRER’s own Rob Shuter.

“Bette is on total vocal rest when she is not performing,” said the insider. “Doing seven shows a week in a role as big as ‘Dolly’ is very straining on her vocal cords, and the only way she can give everything on stage is to be silent when she is off. She’s a total professional, and everyone in her cast understands.”

So don’t come knocking on her dressing room door wanting to chat!