Scaredy Cat!

Ben Affleck’s New Fear Of Stunt Work

'Batman' actor takes a seat when it comes to live action!

Ben Affleck
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Ben Affleck is shaking in his Batman tights over doing stunts in his action flicks!

Word is the brawny wimp has freaked out after a recent string of tragic snafus killed a stunt guy and gal on the sets of “The Walking Dead” and “Deadpool 2” and Tom Cruise was injured shooting “Mission: Impossible 6.”

Now big Ben, who loves gambling with cards and once starred as the Daredevil, is reportedly terrified he’ll end up in a pine box or wheelchair from a movie mishap.

“These incidents have shaken Ben up in a big way,” said an insider to The National ENQUIRER. “He thinks it’s absolute madness for big-name actors to do that much stunt work themselves.”

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The problem is he’s now the new Batman and starring in action flicks like “Justice League,” opening Nov. 17, and its sequel. A snitch blabbed that the six-foot-four scaredy-cat’s fear stems from stunts he tried for the 1998 flick “Armageddon.”

“It was just way too dangerous for him — he experienced too many close calls and near-accidents,” said the source. “Since then, the cream puff has let stuntmen and computer effects artists handle anything remotely tricky.”

Of course, he ends up looking like a WUSS, especially since gorgeous Gal Gadot, the star of the box office hit “Wonder Woman,” who co-stars in “Justice League,” is a mom of two and was once an Israeli soldier, reportedly does All her OWN stunts!