#MeToo Moment!

How Nick Nolte Dodged Barbra Streisand’s Casting Couch

Had to survive the star coming on strong!

barbra streisand nick nolte romance
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Barbra Streisand was hot for Nick Nolte — but the hard-partying womanizer insists he turned her down flat!

In his new tell-all, “Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines,” Nolte dishes his co-star and director of 1991’s “The Prince of Tides” made a play for him when he visited her ritzy Manhattan apartment.

Nick insists he warned off Barbra as she came on strong as they discussed their characters’ romance, saying “an actual physical relationship might not survive the film.”

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The actor, now 77, also claims that the shameless ­superstar always wanted him naked during their scenes together!

Even after shooting wrapped, he claims that Barbra pursued him, begging: “Come out and live with me. I want to be with you.”

Nick, however, writes that he was raising his son Brawley at the time and had to say no — and believes he broke Barbra’s heart!