Mazel-Tov Cocktail!

Ashton Kutcher Plans His Bar Mitzvah

Star's pals applaud his late-in-life coming-of-age!

ashton kutcher bar mitzvah convert jew
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Ashton Kutcher —  the  40-year-old star who burst onto the scene ftwo decades abot on “That ’70s Show” — has decided it’s time to step up and officially become a man in the eyes of Jewish tradition and his family!

“Ashton has been studying privately to learn the sacred Hebrew prayers and prepare for his bar mitzvah,” a proud pal told The National ENQUIRER.

“Although most Jewish boys have their coming-of-age ceremony at 13 years old, it’s actually never too late,” added the source, explaining the religious rite can take place at any ripe old age.

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Billionaire-bound Ashton and his stunning Ukrainian-born wife, actress Mila Kunis, want to raise daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri according to her family’s Jewish faith, said the source.

“So naturally, Ashton would like to be part of that as well,” said the source.

“His wish is to set a beautiful example for his precious children. Mila will surely be beaming at the bema, the podium where Ashton will recite from ancient Torah scriptures.”