Arrow To Throat!

WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Flaming Disaster

Fiery act ends in near-fatal mistake!

Americas got talent flaming arrow trick video

Ryan Stock and his fiancée Amberlynn Walker turned “America’s Got Talent” into a medical drama — after Amberlynn came close to killing her would-be husband when she hit him in the throat with a flaming arrow!

The near-fatal live entertainment was supposed to be an impressive stunt for Ryan, as the stuntman’s partner was meant to shoot the flaming arrow down a pole that he had down his throat — with a bullseye mounted at his mouth!

Instead, Amberlynn aimed low and sent the flaming arrow right into his neck! The AGT audience was shocked into silence before host Nick Cannon came over as Ryan frantically batted away at the flames!

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“You’re not on fire,” Nick helpfully noted — with Ryan then insisting: “I’m okay, I’m okay.”

Howie Mandel begged to differ, insisting that Ryan get medical treatment: “We have to be responsible here. You are hurt. The audience just saw what can happen. I hate that I just saw what could happen.”

Nick helpfully added that “America’s Got Talent” is “live television and anything can happen” — with the host later returning during the show to say that Ryan had been examined “and appears to be okay!”