Amal Puts The Brakes On George Clooney’s Annual Road Trip!

‘Wife From Hell’ is sick of him hanging out with buddy Rande Gerber.

Amal George Clooney Divorce
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This road trip could speed straight to divorce court!

George Clooney was born to be wild and he and BFF Rande Gerber are gearing up for their annual motorcycle trip, but Amal “Wife From Hell” Clooney has put up roadblocks to keep the jaunt stuck in neutral!

Now, shrewish Amal’s nonstop nagging has exploded into a full-blown domestic squabble that could spell doom for the A-list couple’s $220 million marriage, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

“Amal absolutely does not want George going on this trip!” whispered our spy.

“She had to give in last year because it was the first trip since their wedding, but she’s putting her foot down for year two!”

Hotshot international attorney Amal, 38, and her Oscar-winning husband, 54, sparred for months over the upcoming trip, insiders dished.

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Their spats finally erupted in a volcanic argument that had George gearing up — ironically — his chopper to clear his head!

As The ENQUIRER reported, the “Ocean’s Eleven” star has become fed up with his ambitious wife during their 16-month marriage.

According to insiders, the leggy brunette legal eagle has taken complete control of George’s life, cutting him off from friends of his carefree bachelor days and dumping his homes in an effort to tame the roguish actor!

One huge bone of contention between them is George’s friendship with Rande, 53, who’s married to supermodel Cindy Crawford. The two have been drinking buddies for years.

“It’s no secret Amal has turned up her nose at Rande from day one,” confided our insider.

“She thinks he’s a frat boy and a bad influence. She’s made it very clear she doesn’t want George on a 14-day trip with just the two of them.”

But our insiders claimed George has dug in the heels of his well-worn biker boots and refused to give up the “sacred” trip he’s taken with Rande for the past 15 years.

During their travels, the guys have biked around the globe, and last year, they tooled down Route 66.

But with Amal on her high horse, spies divulged it’s a toss-up whether this year’s trip will turn into the domestic version of a 10-car pile-up — or George will be free to hit the open road!