Couple Of Swells!

Amal Clooney Gets Competitive With George Over Star Power

Client's Nobel Prize adds to lawyer-mom's luster!

amal clooney george power jealous
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Amal Clooney, George Clooney’s elegant wife, may have knocked back one too many compliments at a private dinner party.

The human-rights lawyer whose 25-year-old client, Nadia Murad, was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, stunned glitzy party guests by serving up this startling silver platter full of ego flambé: “I’m the bigger celebrity!”

Say whaaat?

Angelina Jolie Gets Jealous Over Amal Clooney!

“George and Amal were fine-dining with some close friends, when Amal — one of the most photographed and admired women in the world — suddenly announced she’d become even more famous than her A-list actor husband,” a spy dished to The National ENQUIRER.

Meanwhile George — who’s ranked as 2018’s highest paid star, earning a staggering $239 million — “looked absolutely horrified.”