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Jodi Arias: X-Rated Nude Photos

Ex-boyfriend blasts notorious murder defendant!

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The portrayal of a sweet and innocent Jodi Arias was shattered at the end of her murder trial — after Darryl Brewer, an ex-boyfriend of the the pretty brunette’s, took the stand and made the bombshell revelation that she liked to snap raunchy naked photos of him showering.

Brewer’s testimony sensationally mirrored earlier revelations that Jodi and her alleged victim, Travis Alexander, took X-rated photos of each other on his digital camera (which later became a piece of key evidence)  shortly before his alleged murder, including naked photos  of Travis in the shower.

Brewer told the jury that he met Jodi while she worked as a waitress for a resort in California where he was a supervisor. After he was no longer her boss, they “fell in love” he said, and he described her as a “responsible, loving, caring person.”

Arias at first looked on fondly at her former lover as he talked about her, but when he revealed her naked photo-taking fetish, she suddenly got a “who’s witness is this?” look on her face — as revealed by 12 News/KPNX reporter Chris Williams revealed in his live Twitter updates from the trial.

The older man from Monterrey, California, testified that he dated Arias for four years and said she had a good relationship with his young son. The couple eventually moved to Palm Springs together in May 2005, during which time Brewer said he saw no evidence of her being a jealous person and that she didn’t easily fly off the handle.

Neither was Jodi “actively religious,” at that time, despite her later converting to Mormonism after meeting Travis so that she could bond with him through the church. Brewer later admitted though that Jodi became a different person after getting involved with Pre-Paid Legal Services, the pyramid scheme that has employed both Jodi and her victim.

During cross examination by prosecution attorney Juan Martinez, Brewer revealed that his final conversations with Arias, which occurred shortly before Alexander’s gruesome death, took on a sinister tone after she called him in May 2008, asking to borrow gas cans for a “long trip” to Mesa, Arizona.