ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Jodi Arias — The Killer’s Kinky Plan To Frame Her Victim

How X-rated photos ruined murderer's sick bid for sympathy!

Jodi Arias hatched a desperate plan to beat a prison sentence during her murder trial — even trying to drag The National ENQUIRER into a twisted scheme that left her exposed as a calculating sicko! Jodi was trying to beat the rap for the grisly 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander when she decided to trash the innocent man’s reputation. That involved faking correspondence meant to portray her doomed lover as a violent, sex-crazed deviant who abused her in horrific ways. Jodi was planning to use the letter to back her earlier claims that she’d killed him in self-defense — and she even recruited her mother to contact The ENQUIRER with the “incriminating” evidence…