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Husband comes out of the closet!

Jill and Jeff Smoker

A popular Mommy Blogger’s marriage is being blown up — because her husband is gay!

‘Scary Mommy’ founder Jill Smoker announced on her blog that she was divorcing her husband Jeff of 17 years — fingering his feelings for other men as the reason!

“I signed on for this. It was our secret and we were in it together,” Jill explained. “I could have opted out before we had kids. I had that opportunity, but I couldn’t wrap my head around this feeling that this was my person. I didn’t want to walk away.”

The couple married in 2000 after five years of dating, but Jeff started to realize his homosexual desires only two years later. After undergoing therapy, they decided to stay together — but did not come clean about it until they announced their divorce.

“I actually think that this evolved in the way that it should have, in a way where we thought the kids were at a point to be ready,” added Jill. “We felt we were at a point where we were ready, but I certainly don’t have any regrets about marrying or staying married as long as we did.”

The couple, despite Jeff’s long-time bisexuality, have three children together ages 13 through nine. He now resides three miles away from the rest of the family but maintains regular contact with them.

“What’s amazing to me is how in love a gay man could be with a woman,” said Jeff.