Lyndon Baines Johnson: America’s Most Pervy Prez!

Lbj was americas most pervy prez ne short

President Lyndon B. Johnson was a “sexual gorilla” who put an alarm on the Oval Office door so he could use it as his private brothel, an explosive new book reveals!

Incredibly, the Texas Terror openly boasted about his conquests and thought nothing of copping a feel right in front of his wife, Lady Bird, who tolerated his crude antics for the same reasons Hillary Clinton puts up with her skirt-chasing hubby, Bill — blind ambition and political power!

In “Lady Bird and Lyndon — The Hidden Story of a Marriage that Made a President,” author Betty Boyd Caroli says the Democrat reveled in his “physical power” and the number of notches on his belt.

The man who took over the presidency after John F. Kennedy was assassinated loved to brag “he had more women by chance than JFK had on purpose,” Caroli says.

And he’d boast to White House reporters about his studly status, saying, “Take no notice of me coming in and out of a few women’s bedrooms. That is none of your business.”

But sometimes his shenanigans were hard to ignore.

One of the First Lady’s staffers recalls, “nearly every time I saw him, it was a squeeze on the butt, or putting his arm around my waist and pulling me to his side.”

He warned another young aide: “If you wear a tight dress like that, you are going to get your bottom pinched.”

A few days later, he phoned the same girl and ordered her to get “rested up … hair fixed real pretty…get perfumed up.”

This was his way of saying he wanted a “matinee” — his term for lunchtime sex.

His favorite playmates included glamorous Texas secretary Mary Margaret Wiley, who eventually married Jack Valenti, Hollywood’s most powerful lobbyist.

There was talk that Mary, not Lady Bird, performed “all the wifely chores” for LBJ.

But a White House aide insisted this was just “vicious” gossip — that Mrs. Johnson kept the father of her daughters Luci and Lynda happy.

But not happy enough!

Advertising exec Madeleine Duncan Brown claimed her son, Steven, was sired by LBJ.

After the politician died in 1973, she received a letter from a lawyer promising to “continue with the financial arrangements that Lyndon provided for you and Steve.”