Kurt Cobain Loves Courtney Love (Still)

Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love

Rock star Courtney Love said her deceased husband, Kurt Cobain, saved her life from beyond the grave!

The widow of the Nirvana frontman was riding through Paris recently when her car was attacked by a mob of angry Frenchmen protesting her use of a driving service.

“Courtney was terrified,” said a close pal. “She was convinced she’d be torn limb from limb!”

In a panic, she tweeted: “They’ve ambushed our car and holding our driver hostage!”

But now Courtney insists her late spouse – who committed suicide in 1994 – brought her to safety!

“She felt Kurt push her out of the car,” the friend revealed. “Then suddenly, a stranger on a motorcycle appeared and got her out of there.

“She’s sure it was Kurt who saved her and that he’s her guardian angel!”