Danish Politician Turns to Pornhub to Get Votes

‘There must also be some humor’ in elections, former Olympian says.

Joachim B. Olsen Danish Politician Turns to Pornhub to Get Votes
Courtesy Joachim B. Olsen/Instagram; Getty Images

No, it’s not a joke. A politician in Denmark named Joachim B. Olsen has posted an ad on Pornhub to try to get people to cast their ballots for him.

Olsen, who snagged a silver medal in shot put at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, confirmed on his Facebook page that the ad is legit. “Yes, I am the one who is on Pornhub,” he told followers in the May 12 post.

The ad features the smiling 41-year-old in a dapper suit, the logo for his political party, and a message that, according to Google Translates, reads, “When you finish gambling, vote for jocks.”

As to why he chose one of the internet’s most popular adult websites to advertise? Olsen explained to Denmark’s B.T. newspaper: “Half the internet is porn. That’s where people are, so I thought it might be fun to make an ad on Pornhub.”

“I hope people get a good laugh. Of course, election campaigns are serious, and there are serious issues being discussed, but there must also be some humor,” he added. “There are probably many citizens tired of election posters and four weeks of being overwhelmed with political messages.”

Olsen is currently a member of the Danish Parliament. He was first elected to in 2011 to represent the Liberal Alliance political party, which he is running for again. The election is scheduled for June 5.