Weird Video!

WATCH: Pee-TV: Spice Girl Pees On Bear Grylls

Pop star Mel B dispenses urine to save he-man from jellyfish!

The NBC network is promising something different as former Spice Girl Mel B joins Bear Gyrlls on a new episode of the reality show “Running Wild.’

The show regularly features a celebrity learning survival skills along with the rugged outdoorsman — but in a first for the program, Mel has to go from being a pop singer to dispersing some urine!

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As seen in the video above, the weirdness starts when Bear gets stung by a jellyfish, and instantly recalls that nothing kills the sting quite like a stream of urine on the wound!

Fortunately — in the name of good television — Bear doesn’t have to pee, but his Spice Girl companion is ready to share her own stream!