Wacko Jacko Exposed

Michael Jackson’s Traumatic Past Uncovered In New Show

Insiders reveal the late star’s secret struggles.

Michael Jackson will forever be remembered as the iconic musician who changed pop forever. Off the stage, however, the “Thriller” hit-maker led a dangerously fast-paced lifestyle.

As told in the new Reelz episode, Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror, the late singer’s eccentricities became apparent during his time living in New York.

Rob Cohen, the Executive VP of Motown Records, recalled a time when Jackson bought boxes upon boxes of Perrier sparkling water. When he asked what it was for, the pop star reportedly answered, “I bathe in it. I like the bubbles.”

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As The Enquirer reported, the singer faced multiple accusations of child abuse over the years, as well as backlash for his extreme change in appearance.

The late star’s childlike personality also led some to call him “Wacko Jacko.”

Revealing interviews with the late icon’s close friends and family members, including mother Katherine JacksonMan in the Mirror takes a closer look at Jackson’s astonishing career amid ongoing battles with family, childhood and stardom.

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Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror Premieres Sunday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET/ PT.