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Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates State Department

Dick Morris reveals how the U.S. is funding terrorism across the globe!

Dick Morris is the most feared voice in politics — and now Bill Clinton’s former top strategist is writing for The National ENQUIRER!

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Crooked Hillary Clinton & Her Cronies — Exposed!

In the video above, Dick exposes how the controversial activists behind the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the State Department — after Hillary Clinton and her very close aide Huma Abedin helped fulfill their global ambitions!

Dick adds up the money while discovering that U.S. cash is even going to pay off the families of suicide bombers going after American troops.

Barack And Michelle Obama: White House Secrets & Scandals!

The veteran political operative also reveals how Barack Obama shut down an investigation that threatened to expose groups funding terrorists — and calls for Donald Trump to start draining the most dangerous swamp of all!

Watch the video as Dick unearths shocking secrets of the Muslim Brotherhood, and learn more about D.C.’s biggest scandals in his latest column — only in the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now!