Shock Video!

WATCH: Cop Sends Crazed Biker Racing To His Death

Speed freak went over 100 mph before slamming into pole!

A high-speed chase in South Carolina led to a motorcyclist’s death!

Robert Lee Clark died at the scene of the crash, despite attempts by the cop who chased him to revive him using CPR.

The shocking dash camera video shows the chase lasted for more than seven miles at speeds reaching 112 miles per hour!

In the footage, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office deputy James Vansant bumps the rear of Clark’s motorcycle twice with the front of his cruiser.

Clark lost control moments later — and crashed into the passenger side of a car that was changing lanes in front of him!

According to the police report, the Dorchester County coroner found a pipe, a rolled cigarette and green plant-like material after searching Clark’s body and motorcycle.

Deputy Vansant began chasing Clark when he was clocked doing 66 mph in a 45 mph zone. When he turned on his flashing patrol car lights Clark sped up trying to outrun him.

The dash camera video shows it took Vansant a full minute to catch up to Clark — traveling at 111 mph!

Clark then began driving onto the wrong side of the road, even in the median, speeding up to over 100 mph before running a red light. A second deputy is shown joining the chase at that point.

Speeds of the vehicles reached as high as 112 mph — during which time Clark is shown zooming through a second red light!

Clark is even seen driving the wrong way down a road and running through a third red light while exceeding the posted speed limit of 30 mph by 60 mph!

Vansant was doing 88 mph at the exact point he first made contact with Clark, according to the video.

A car then suddenly appears in front of Clark — who hit the curb and lost control before striking the passenger side of a bystander’s car!

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is currently investigating the deadly crash. Deputy Vansant is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome, according to the Sheriff’s Office.