Lou Reed Turned To ‘Secret Drinking’ After Failing To Cure ‘Irrepressible Alcoholism’

Rocker’s hard-partying lifestyle eventually led him to his tragic death.

In the ‘80s, musician Lou Reed turned to Alcoholics Anonymous for help with his boozy addiction — and even appeared to clean up his act after years of drug use and hard partying.

The rock star was known as a true music rebel, and gained fame with songs like “Heroin,” and “Walk On The Wild Side,” which were based on his bizarre lifestyle.

But the new REELZ’s docuseries Autopsy: Lou Reed suggests that his wild ways eventually caught up to him during his sad last days!

“He gave the impression that he was sober throughout the rest of his life, but members of his band—up until a year before he died when he stopped touring— they said that when he was on the road he would like to grab dinner after the show and he invariably drank white wine,” says Lou Reed biographer Howard Sounes in the show teaser.

“Lou continued to drink,” adds Lou Reed biographer Jeremy Reed.“That sort of irrepressible alcoholism he had would lead, of course, to secret drinking!”

“Autopsy: Lou Reed” airs Sunday, July 8 at 9:00 ET/ PT on REELZ.