Exclusive Video!

Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation: ‘The Fix Is In!’

Dick Morris exposes how the cover-up has already started!

“The Obama administration is working overtime to fix, control and manipulate the investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal,” says Dick Morris — and the ultimate D.C. insider has the shocking story on the crooked cronies who are already covering for Hillary!

In the exclusive video above, Dick makes the connection between longtime Clinton flack Peter J. Kadzik and his best pal, Hillary’s campaign chief John Podesta — and reveals how the pair’s long history of fixing scandals goes back to the Monica Lewinsky investigation!

The shadowy pair were embroiled in plenty more scandals to follow, too — including shocking charges of Bill Clinton getting paid to pardon a fugitive billionaire!

Dick now exposes how Podesta’s good pal has been appointed by the Department of Justice to oversee Hillary’s latest humiliating email fiasco!

Nobody can connect the dots like this veteran Clinton insider — as seen in the video above, as Dick reveals how corrupt politicians have already made sure that the fix is in to keep Hillary off the hook again!