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Dick Morris: How Hillary Covered Her Crimes

The ultimate Washington insider was there for it all!

Dick Morris is the most feared voice in politics — and now Bill Clinton’s former top strategist is writing for The National ENQUIRER!

Every week, Dick will provide a startling look into D.C.’s biggest secrets — in addition to exclusive video found only at NationalENQUIRER.com!

Secret Service Agents Reveal Hillary Spouse Abuse

In this week’s issue of The ENQUIRER, Dick reveals how Hillary Clinton managed to escape being indicted during two scandals that she’s still eager to keep hidden away!

In the video above, the veteran consultant tells the inside story on how Hillary escaped one legal indictment “by an eyelash” after she was caught seizing control of the White House Travel Office after the 1992 presidential election!

The Clinton’s top advisor was there as Hillary made up “financial irregularities” — after having already protected a banker busted on real irregularities back in Arkansas!

Hillary Clinton Hides Female Aide Amidst Lesbian Rumors

Dick also has the scoop on that earlier scandal, as Hillary served up an “evasive, but not an untruthful, answer” to protect a crooked businessman!

The ultimate insider also speaks from years of experience as Dick provides a disturbing look into Hillary’s mental state — and her husband’s, as well!

Watch the video and get the shocking inside story from Dick Morris’ latest column — only in the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now!