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Geena Davis: ‘Thelma and Louise’ Changed My Life — Here’s Why That Matters To You

The 61-year-old speaks out about women empowerment at the Bentonville Film Festival.

From A League Of Their Own to Greys Anatomy, Geena Davis has enjoyed a career spanning decades, and crossing over between television and film. Now, she’s paying it forward, using her success to empower women through the Bentonville Film Festival.

“Our mission is to champion women and diverse voices in media. This has been a passion of mine for over ten years now,” Geena said at the opening of the festival in Arkansas. “In this film festival, we can focus on who’s in front of the camera, but also who’s behind the camera and make sure our storytellers are very diverse.”

For those with the passion and drive to pursue the profession, the film festival may be the big break that they need, just like one film was for Geena. ” Thelma and Louise was a big highlight of my career. I was so thrilled to be in that movie and it changed my life. That kind of is what started my interest in how women are portrayed on screen.”