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Dick Morris: The Real Mystery Behind The Fake Russian Conspiracy

D.C. insider connects the dots that link shady international operatives!

Dick Morris is the most feared voice in politics — and the former top strategist for Bill Clinton is documenting the new D.C. for The National ENQUIRER!

Every week, Dick provides a startling look into Washington’s biggest secrets, and provides exclusive video for NationalENQUIRER.com!

CNN Producer Caught On Tape: ‘Russian Scandal Is Bulls#!t!’

In the video above, Dick Morris takes on the “phony Trump Russia scandal” and how the wild conspiracy is now “doubling back on itself!”

The veteran D.C. insider breaks down the real whodunnit of who is really behind the bizarre claims made in the discredited “dirt file” that tried to show Donald Trump conspiring with Vladimir Putin!

Joe & Mika: TV Couple’s Sleazy Cheating Scandal

Dick has already revealed how the plan to “dominate the entire discussion of politics” with fake news has fallen apart, and now he connects the dots on the players behind the dossier and the shady company “with its fingerprints all over” Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians during the election.

Watch the video above for the inside story about D.C.’s most devious operatives, and learn more of Washington’s darkest secrets from Dick Morris in the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now!