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Donald Trump — President’s Easy Way To End Obamacare

Dick Morris exposes simple plan to outwit Congress!

Dick Morris is the most feared voice in politics — and the former top strategist for Bill Clinton is documenting the new D.C. for The National ENQUIRER!

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In the video above, Dick Morris follows up his bombshell column on how Donald Trump can kill Obamacare by breaking down the facts and figures that makes the “Affordable Health Plan” an easy target!

The D.C. insider exposes how “Obamacare doesn’t need repealing — because it’s dying on it’s own,” before blasting the “extraordinarily high premiums” that already have young people turning their back on government insurance.

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Dick also breaks down the numbers on how many people are relying on Obamacare, and then recaps how easily Trump can outwit Congress and end Obamacare by simply refusing to enforce regulations!

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