Hello Dolly! The Truth About Parton’s Scandalous Affairs Revealed

Has she secretly been in an open marriage for 50 years?

Dolly Parton has worked her way up in the music business to become a legendary country music icon, but despite her success she has kept her private life out of the public view – until now!

The premiere episode of this season of National Enquirer Investigates uncovers the truth about the singer’s scandalous affairs, shocking plastic surgeries, health scares, and more about how the star persevered despite the odds.

Parton, 71, has been married for more than 50 years to hubby Carl Dean. But it hasn’t always been a rosy relationship.

“People always ask me if I’ve had extramarital affairs, and you can draw your own conclusions,” said Parton. “All I will say is that my husband Carl is a wonderful man and we’ll be together till one of us dies.”

“I wouldn’t want to know if he was having an affair, and he wouldn’t want to know if I was.”

But whether or not her husband knew about it, Parton’s been hit with countless rumors of action on the side throughout their marriage.

Billy Ray Cyrus, and her Best Little Whorehouse in Texas co-star Burt Reynolds were both linked to the singer.

“The two of them were seen together all over Hollywood, late night,” according to National Enquirer Managing Editor Melissa Cronin.

“Dolly came out and said I need the freedom to do whatever I want in Hollywood. This was an absolutely outrageous statement at the time.”

Parton’s biggest supporters were besides themselves.

“Dolly’s fans really didn’t know how to take all of it, so she really struggled with maintaining her image,” said Andrea Simpson, National Enquirer Reporter.

In fact, by the time the move was released in 1982, the Enquirer was reporting that her marriage was on the brink of collapse.

To find out how she and Carl keep their marriage together, tune in to National Enquirer Investigates: Dolly Parton on Wednesday, April 12, 10ET / 9PT on REELZ. And check out an exclusive clip from the program above!