Monster Mom Casey Anthony’s Friends Still ‘Don’t Know’ Identity Of Caylee’s Dad

'I don’t know that she knows,' says pal.

More than seven years after she was acquitted for the murder of her daughter, monster mom Casey Anthony’s friends are speaking out about her early life and horrific case.

In REELZ’s shocking new docuseries, Casey Anthony: Her Friends Speak, the 32-year-old’s pals recall the moment they found out about Caylee Anthony’s birth, and later, about her mysterious death. They also remember moments they spent with Casey in the days, weeks, months and years leading up to her sentencing.

“From the moment I met Casey she was a lot of fun. She was very outgoing, I don’t think there was anybody that didn’t get along with her. She was nice to pretty much everybody. She laughed a lot, smiled a lot,” recalls Jonathan Daly, a longtime friend who grew up with Casey.

“It’s kind of how I remember her too,” says Cameron Campana, Casey’s former roommate in the show teaser.

Later in the series, Campana walks to the site where Caylee’s dead body was discovered.

“It was a surprise for everyone when she got pregnant, which is why I don’t think anybody knew until she was a few months along,” adds Daly

“Who was the father?” asks Campana. “I don’t think anyone knows. I don’t know that she knows,” replies Daly.

“See that’s kind of the same thing that I thought is that there’s probably nobody else but Casey that knows who the father is. Or if she even knows,” Campana continues during a round-table discussion.

“If anyone knows, they’re not talking,” agrees Daly. “None of us ever knew.”

After being found not guilty of murdering her toddler daughter, Casey was shunned by her family and turned recluse. For years she led a low-key life away from the spotlight, until last month when she was caught on a steamy date with her new boyfriend!

And though America’s most hated mom seems to have moved on after her daughter’s death, her friends and family members have not forgotten the dreadful tragedy.

Casey Anthony: Her Friends Speak airs Sunday, December 9 at 8 ET/7 PT on REELZ.