Bullied & Ashamed! Inside Patrick Swayze’s Sad Childhood Before Death

Star learned to fight and tried to prove himself to his dad until his final breath.

Before his sad 2009 death, Patrick Swayze was one of Hollywood’s most beloved hunks. He was handsome, deeply in love with his longtime wife, and all in all lead a picture-perfect life — or so everyone thought! Nine years after his demise, REELZ’s new docuseries Patrick Swayze: The Price of Fame, seeks to uncover the truth behind the star’s sad childhood and showbiz shame.

In the show teaser, a young Swayze is shown telling his dad that he was bullied in school for his dancing skills! His dad tells him he’ll teach him to fight like a boxer o it never happens again.

“He developed those kind of ‘guy skills’ and it was inspiring to Patrick because to be a son who danced in Texas, he also had to get the approval as a man and I think it was really important to Patrick of his own father,” says Dirty Dancing choreographer Miranda Garrison in the video promo.

“I don’t think Patrick ever really stopped trying to prove himself to his father,” she adds of the late star.

Patrick Swayze: The Price of Fame airs Sunday, March 11 at 9ET / PT on REELZ.

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