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Britney Spears Still Under Father’s Legal Control, Nearly A Decade After Meltdown!

'The court had ruled that she was no longer fit to handle her own affairs.'

Following Britney Spears’ tragic 2008 meltdown, the star was no longer allowed to handle her own affairs, and was put under the total care of her father.

“She shaved her head, she tried to smash up a photographer’s car with an umbrella!” said National Enquirer‘s Associate Editor, James Robertson, when recalling the incident.

“She was hauled off on a gurney and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation,” added National Enquirer’s Senior News Editor, Andrea Simpson.

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After her public breakdown, the singer was arrested for a hit and run, and stayed away from the spotlight for years, until she recovered her sanity.

“The court had ruled that she was no longer fit to handle her own affairs,” claimed Simpson.

Now, almost a decade later, REELZ has teamed up with The National Enquirer to reveal what truly happened to the iconic pop star at the height of her fame, and why her father still holds legal control over her life.

“Britney wasn’t prepared for all that fame and success,” explained actress Alexsandra Wright, a friend of Spears.

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Could the singer still be a threat to herself after all these years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

National Enquirer Investigates: Britney Spears airs Friday October 20 at 10 ET/PT on REELZ.