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WATCH: Brad Pitt’s Heartbroken Concert Appearance

Actor helps out singer pal in rendition of The Carpenters' 'Close To You!'

Frank Ocean and Brad Pitt, #FYF 2017. Nuff said. Day 2 = LEGENDARY #FrankOcean #BradPitt @fyffest

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Brad Pitt made a special appearance during a Frank Ocean concert on Saturday night — with the heartbroken divorcing dad seen on a phone as the soulster performed a rendition of The Carpenters’ hit song “Close to You!”

The surprising moment occurred during Frank’s headlining appearance at the FYE Fest in Los Angeles on July 22.

As a roaming camera filmed Frank’s performance of the touching ballad, the big screens suddenly revealed Brad at the side of the stage — with the suddenly-single dad posing with a cell phone!

Brad put on a pensive performance as he seemed heartbroken — while still struggling through his real-life brutal custody battle with Angelina Jolie.

“It was a shock at first,” said one concertgoer, “and seemed funny because it was so random.

“But then everyone saw Brad’s face, and you could just tell how the whole crowd was feeling sorry for him!”