Booze & Dark Demons: Inside Patrick Swayze’s Troubled Last Days Before Death

Actor lost his sister to suicide and endured his wife’s heartbreaking miscarriage.

Patrick Swayze became a household name after his memorable role in Dirty Dancing, but behind closed doors, the troubled actor suffered from serious mental and physical issues.

REELZ’s new docuseries, Patrick Swayze: The Price of Fame, shines a light on Swayze’s ongoing alcoholism, and the dark demons that followed him until his sad 2009 death.

After the beloved hunk became Hollywood royalty for his part in the 1987 film, his next two projects — City of joy fatherhood — turned out to be total flops. Swayze took the failure very personally, and described the deep effects it had on him in his own chilling memoir.

“When he was on his own, when he was back in his hotel room, things got pretty low,” says Entertainment Journalist Mark Ebner in the show teaser. “He started drinking alone and having too much time inside his own head.”

As has learned, Swayze took to booze after being forced to endure his beloved father’s tragic death, his sister’s suicide and his wife’s heartbreaking miscarriage.

One morning while on a film shoot, the crew had difficulties waking the actor up, as he had drunk himself to the ground the night before. This began occurring more often as Swayze’s habit became a serious issue in his career.

Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 after years of depression and substance abuse.

Patrick Swayze: The Price of Fame airs Sunday, March 11 at 9ET / PT on REELZ.