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Dick Morris: Bill & Hillary’s Vow To ‘Destroy’ Mistress!

Why Hillary's war on women matters!

The 2016 Republican National Convention is in full swing — and Dick Morris is there as Donald Trump accepts the nomination as the GOP candidate for President. But the ultimate D.C. insider isn’t the only person there with close ties to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton!

This exclusive video for The National ENQUIRER has Dick relating shocking stories from Dolly Kyle Browning — the Arkansas beauty who spent decades as Bill’s favorite mistress!

As a top political consultant, Dick Morris helped the Clintons gain power in Arkansas and move to the White House.

Hillary Clinton Hides Female Aide Amidst Lesbian Rumors — Humiliating Photos!

Now he reveals how Dolly was there, too — facing threats from both Bill and Hillary that she’d be “destroyed” if she ever talked to the press like Gennifer Flowers!

Hillary’s close aide Sidney Blumenthal even makes an appearance in the campaign to ruin Dolly — as Dick reveals why Bill Clinton’s old affairs are more relevant than ever as Hillary tries to take the White House!

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