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Behind The Laughs: Inside Attention-Obsessed ‘SNL’ Star John Belushi’s Final Days

The tragic performer wouldn’t allow anyone to steal his short-lived spotlight.

Known as the energetic actor and original cast member of Saturday Night Live, John Belushi hid a dark, obsessive personality behind his loud and comedic exterior, NationalEnquirer.com has learned.

“His need to be funny caught him trying to rush to the punch line and overtake and overpower his cast mates,” says Entertainment Journalist Adrian Mainella in the clip.

Improv “Is very much a teamwork-oriented process,” says Joe Guse, Author of The Tragic Clowns. “I give you something, and you throw more spice in the soup, but we’re making the soup together. I think for John… he wanted to be the head Chef”

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The Second City Comedy Club personality and known druggie often rubbed his cast mates the wrong way with this over-acted humor.

“His comedy was very much a take-over-the-scene kind of thing,” added Guse.

If he approached you to try to make a joke, “you just had to grin and bare it. It was like playing football,” says Second City alumni, Eugenie Ross-Leming.

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Belushi was often pulled aside by some of his mentors and other members of the cast in order to talk about his obsession with the spotlight and his inability to share the stage, but the wild comedian never seemed to change!

After living a life run by cocaine and other drugs, the “Sad Clown” died tragically of an overdose in his L.A. hotel room in 1982, at the young age of 33.

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