Decapitation Horror

Who Cut Off This Woman’s Head?

Help nab the fiend who mutilated this Jane Doe!

Cut off woman head

Can you identify this woman?

Police have been stumped by the severed head of a woman found in rural Pennsylvania on Dec. 12, 2014. Lawmen in Economy, Pa., are calling the case the most “bizarre” they’ve ever seen.

“It’s very unique, and we’ve reached out to multiple agencies and no one has ever come across anything like this,” Det. Dan Viscuso told The National ENQUIRER.

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Discovered in a frost-covered field, the head was embalmed with the eyes removed and red rubber balls stuck in the sockets. The cut made along the woman’s neck was surgical and precise.

A check of funeral homes, cemeteries and hospitals failed to identify the woman.

An analysis of water found inside the skull, however, revealed that she spent the last seven months of her life in eastern Ohio or northern West Virginia.

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Said the detective: “We’re looking for somebody who can put a name to this woman and give her peace.”

If you can help, email or call (724) 876-0380.