Whitey Bulger Got ‘Special Favors’ From Female Prison Shrink

Whitey short

Heartless hitman Whitey Bulger made a career of murdering men for the Mob, but who knew the geriatric goon was also a lady-killer!

Bulger apparently used his celebrity charisma to charm the pants off a female shrink while serving time in an Arizona prison, and she performed “special favors” for him!

“It’s no surprise that he’s still breaking the rules and trying to manipulate the system,” said attorney Brian T. Kelly, who was on the prosecution team that convicted Bulger.

The gangster, 86, portrayed by Johnny Depp in “Black Mass,” was transferred from U.S. Penitentiary, Tucson to one in Florida after it was discovered the shrink accepted gifts — including photos and autographs — in return for preferential treatment!

Officials have refused to identify the woman, but she is in her 30s and has been suspended with pay during the investigation. She also allegedly arranged a private cell for Bulger and permission for him to correspond with the gal pal he lived with on the lam.