Counselor Caught!

Torso Murderer Arrested After 23 Years As Youth Pastor

Suspect Ronnie Leon Hyde hid evidence in home!

Fred Laster & Ronnie Leon Hyde

There has finally been an arrest in the cold-case murder of a 16-year-old Florida boy — his youth Pastor!

Ronnie Leon Hyde — a Jacksonville Beach Pastor and Mental Health Counselor — has been charged with the killing of Fred Laster, who’s dismembered body was discovered in 1994, but not identified until over twenty years later.

Laster was last seen with Hyde, according to the victim’s family.

The FBI had previously released a photo of a dumpster behind the Columbia County gas station where the boy’s torso was discovered — without his legs, hands or head!

Federal Agents raided Hyde’s home to make the arrest, and have been digging for further evidence on his property with the use of a backhoe. Several boxes of evidence have already been removed from the home by investigators clad in hazmat suits.

Hyde is currently being held at a local jail in Duval County without bond during the ongoing investigation.