CASEY ANTHONY promises “truth” in an upcoming tell-all  – and finally names the father of her dead daughter CAYLEE, say insiders.

The ENQUIRER has obtained an exclusive pre­view of the tell-all, which the “most hated woman in America” hopes will make her fabulously wealthy.

The book comes from a journal that the 26-year-old vixen started penning when her 2-year-old daughter first disappeared in Orlando, Fla., in June 2008.

With nothing to lose after acquittal on murder charges, party-hearty Casey plans to name Caylee’s dad, dish the dirt on her lovers and disclose her jailhouse crush on defense attorney Jose Baez.

“This will not be your average kiss-and-tell story,” she vows.

For the first time, the notorious mom, who did not testify at her trial, prom­ises to disclose exactly what happened to Caylee, and who was responsible for her death. Casey will also describe how she talks and writes notes to her dead daughter, looking ahead to when they are reunited in heaven.

In her book, she even dreams of be­coming pregnant again and would like to adopt a little girl, as unlikely as that might seem, from Ireland. As for career goals, she wants to become either a traveling evangelist or lawyer.

In one of the book’s most distasteful sections, Casey plans to detail charges she made of being sexually abused by her father and brother.

But critics point out that Casey was exposed as an outrageous liar during the investigation into Caylee’s disap­pearance and murder, so readers won’t be able to take her statements at face value even if she can find a pub­lisher who’s not scared off by the prospects of a public backlash.

“I’ve read some of her writing,” said an insider.

“There’s no weeping for Caylee, no pity for her parents and no honest confession. She’ll write anything she thinks will sell her book and make her look good.”