Redmond O’Neal’s Victim Sues Him for $100 Million Plus for Alleged Hate Crime

Farrah Fawcett’s son allegedly broke Ken Fox’s nose with a bottle in 2018.

Redmond O’Neal’s Victim Sues Him for $100 Million

More trouble for Redmond O’Neal. Ken Fox, who alleges the troubled son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal launched a homophobic attack on him in 2018, is now suing the celebrity parents’ offspring for an astounding $100 million plus, according to The Blast.

Fox has filed a statement of damages with the court, reports the site. Here’s how the damages break down, per The Blast:

  • $15 million: pain and suffering
  • $15 million: emotional distress
  • $200,000: medical expenses
  • $1 million: future medical expenses
  • $200,000: lost earnings to date
  • $5 million: future lost earnings
  • $1 million: attorneys’ fees
  • $50 million: civil penalties
  • $20 million: punitive damages

Fox first filed a lawsuit against O’Neal in September 2018. He announced the suit during a press conference at his attorney Gloria Allred’s office. According to USA Today, Fox, who is gay, accused O’Neal of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violation of civil rights, negligence, loss of consortium, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Fox said during the press conference that on May 2, 2018, he was taking his laundry to the laundromat when O’Neal, 35, growled at him, “What are you looking at, [gay slur]?” as he walked by. He claimed that O’Neal then hit him with a bottle and continued to punch and threaten him while yelling more slurs.

“I felt trapped, like a wounded animal. I literally thought I was going to die,” Fox said during the press conference. “I screamed. He called me more names. By then, I was kneeling on the sidewalk, my broken glasses cutting into my face, bleeding all over myself and all I could do was scream until he just walked away.”

O’Neal, who has a history of drug use and legal run-ins, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of criminal threats, one count of brandishing a knife, and one count of battery. The charges stemmed from an alleged series of attacks on five men — which includes Fox — from May 2 to May 5, 2018, in Los Angeles, including one instance in which he allegedly stabbed one of the victims in the head. He was arrested May 8.

Since being thrown behind bars, O’Neal’s “state is deteriorating into suicidal,” his lawyer said in court in October, per Radar Online. “They have eyes on him, but it is getting worse every day. He needs medication.”

A court-appointed psychologist found him competent to stand trial in December, per Radar. If convicted, he could face more than 20 years in prison.