Prison Escapees’ Darkest Secrets

Prison escape splash square

A sex obsessed female prison employee faces her own seven year stint in the slammer after being lured into a passionate behind bars ménage-a-trois with two convicted killers!

The National ENQUIRER has learned that while “Casanova Convict” Richard Matt is suspected of manipulating Joyce Mitchell into aiding his escape from a maximum security prison, the hopeless heavyset seamstress was also romantically involved with fellow escapee David Sweat!

“The realities of prison life may have sparked something between these three,” a law enforcement source said. “They’ve worked very closely, and they’ve shown a remarkable amount of faith in one another.”

Lovestruck Mitchell, 51, confessed to providing the duo with the drill bits, saw blades and goggles with headlamps that were used to dig their way out of the bowels of the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, an official said.

Soon after making that confession to cops, Mitchell was charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal facilitation, felony and misdemeanor crimes.

But in yet another sick twist, Mitchell’s husband, Lyle, was also being eyed as an accomplice in the breakout, at the time The ENQUIRER went to print.

Remarkably, the daring prison bust could have been avoided if bungling prison officials had acted quicker: The ENQUIRER has learned they were already investigating Mitchell for her steamy slammer sessions with Sweat, 34.

They had been banned from having any contact!

At the same time, investigators probing the great escape are trying to determine the pair’s motivation, and have even explored whether they were involved in a homosexual relationship – or if they had links to the terrorist group known as ISIS.

Agents have focused on the two escapees’ relationship to a shadowy fellow inmate known simply as “The Imam,” a source said.

“Prisons are fertile ground for ISIS through prison employees, prison ministries and prison gangs. It’s possible these two made such a connection,” private investigator and law enforcement expert Paul Huebl told The ENQUIRER.

“But their motivations are unknown. Their first impetus was to get out of prison. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.”