Dem Bones!

90-Year-Old Woman Shot By Crazed Litter Bug

Gunman didn't like being told to pick up his chicken bones!

ninety year old woman shot bones

A Baltimore man is on the loose after pulling a gun on a 90-year-old woman — then shooting her!

Local authorities say Gerald Gaffney opened fire on a group that included the elderly woman after she scolded him for throwing chicken bones on the ground!

Witnesses say Gaffney discarded several half-eaten chicken bones as he walked down the street.

Noticed by the 90-year-old woman, she instructed Gaffney to pick up the bones and throw them away in a nearby trash can.

Gaffney allegedly got into an argument with her and another woman, then left the area briefly — only to return brandishing a handgun!

The 90-year-old woman and a middle-aged man within the group were both shot, however their wounds were non-life-threatening and both are recovering.

The alleged gunman fled the scene following the incident.

Gaffney has been charged with first degree attempted murder and is still on the loose in the area.