Her Own P.I.!

Jodi Arias Plans Her Secret Prison Appeal

How the brutal brunette plans to get out from behind bars!

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The National ENQUIRER revealed the fatal mistake that landed Jodi Arias behind bars for the bizarre murder of her old boyfriend Travis Alexander.

But now RadarOnline.com is exposing how the seductive sicko is planning to flirt her way out of prison!

Radar has the inside story on how Jodi know has her own personal private investigator working hard to help with her appeal!

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Dorian Bond, the owner of Bond Investigations, revealed his shocking interactions with the convicted killer since her incarceration.

“I was hired maybe two years ago,” he told Radar, but said he has been unable to visit her since she was moved from the Estrella Jail to the Perryville Prison in Arizona.

That’s the same prison where Radar exposed the bizarre shopping habits of the lethal beauty!

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Radar has all the disturbing details on both Jodi’s plans for freedom — and her pervy past history of going after men to help her beat the rap for murder!

Get the full story on Jodi’s manipulative ways at RadarOnline.com!