Web Of Death!

Web of death ne short

A lovesick woman who used the Internet to mastermind the murders of two Facebook rivals claims SHE’s the victim — not the couple who was gunned down in cold blood!

Now Jenelle Potter, 34, (pictured) is planning to appeal her life sentences for the 2012 slayings of Internet enemies Billie Jean Hayworth, 23, and Billie’s baby daddy Billy Payne, 36.

The couple was shot dead by Potter’s father, Marvin, who was pushed into the murder thanks to the ugly scheme concocted by the Tennessee terror and her mom, Barbara, prosecutors said.

Potter insists the slain couple were “cyberbullies” and threatened her life. But lawmen say the murder motive was jealousy — Potter had a crush on Billy and wanted him dead after he moved in with Billie Jean and they had a baby!

To achieve her evil end, prosecutors said Potter created a false online identity — a CIA agent named Chris — with the help of her mother, who was also convicted for the murders.

Posing as the bogus agent, Potter contacted her own parents and her boyfriend, Jamie Curd, expressing fears for her safety and claiming she was in danger from Payne and his baby mama.

The slain couple engaged in a heated Facebook war of words with Potter before their murders.

But Potter claims, “I didn’t hate them. I just disliked them. I wanted the harassment to stop. I never wished them dead.”

Emails found on the family’s computer and shredded messages discovered in Marvin’s car tell a different story, investigators said.

In a series of electronic exchanges with “Chris,” Barbara wrote: “We’ve had enough. No one wants to kill anyone, but we will.”

Lawmen said Barbara showed her overprotective husband the messages — and urged him to save their daughter. Eventually, he snapped.

With the help of Curd, Marvin shot Billie Jean as she held her seven-month-old son, who was unharmed.

He then turned the gun on Payne. Ultimately, Curd confessed his role in the killing — cutting a deal for 25 years in the slammer — while ratting out Marvin, Jenelle and Barbara.

Said Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Scott Lott: “Barbara and Janelle would be called masterminds. Janelle kind of spurred it. Barbara got it to happen.”

Jenelle’s lawyer, Cameron Hyder, said her client “operates on the level of an eight- or nine-year-old” and couldn’t direct such a complex plot.

A prosecutor countered: “Potter may be on a fourth-grade level, but she has a Ph.D. in manipulation.”