The families of victims of serial killer JEFFREY DAHMER cry “bloody murder” about tours of Milwaukee murder sites, where “guides march guests through the grisly corridors of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and killing spree”.

The tours were promoted by Groupon which initially pulled its ads after families protested, stating: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel this deal.”

BAM Marketing, the tourist company backing the grisly event, continued with the tours despite incendiary feedback.

On Groupon’s online discussion forum, a trypical reposne to the offer — “What the hell are you thinking??? THIS IS DISGUSTING! As a Milwaukee area resident I am appalled!!!”

The tour, claiming to “grant a spine-chilling glimpse into the life of Jeffrey Dahmer from within his hunting grounds,” mostly offered looks at empty lots or at businesses different from the rough trade gay bars Dahmer plucked vics.

The first stop was the former Club 219 (open from 1981-2005) where Dahmer picked up several victims including Jamie Doxtator.  Doxator, 14, was killed in 1988 after he and Dahmer left the club. They had sex and then Dahmer dropped sleeping pills in the boy’s drink. He strangled the boy in his sleep, dismembered the corpse with a knife, broke the bones with a sledgehammer, and threw the remains in the trash.

Next stop for the tour goers was the Phoenix bar now a Tapas restaurant. Here, Dahmer met his seventh victim, Edward Smith. No traces of Smith’s body have ever been found.

 The Dahmer tour last spot was La Cage NiteClub – known in Dahmer’s days as La Cage Aux Folles where Dahmer met fifth victim, Anthony Sears. The two went to his grandmother’s house and Sears was never seen again. His skull, scalp and penis were found in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment when he was arrested 2 years later.

Dahmer’s 13-year killing spree ended with a sentence of 15 consecutive life terms, a total of 957 years in prison. He was later beaten to death by two inmates after serving 3 years in prison.

BAM Marketing had billed the tour as a 90-minute, 1-mile walk, but the tour barely lasted an hour.

At the end, the “sensitive” tour guide said the tours would continue, as protesters would eventually give up.

After additional outcry, the Dahmer opening day 10 p.m. tour was canceled “due to the projected snowfall.”

No trace of snow fell.