Shocking Confession!

Jayme Closs Kidnapper’s Confession To Police Details Gruesome Murder And Carefully-Planned Abduction

"I did it!"

Jayme closs kidnapper confession jake patterson NE pp
Courtesy of Closs Family; Baron County Sheriff's Office

The kidnapper of Jayme Closs and the man behind the cold-blooded murder of her parents, Jake Patterson, has confessed to the ungodly crimes, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online on Monday, January 14.

Jayme had been missing since October 15 and was found on January 10. One day later, the Barron County Sheriff’s Department in Wisconsin announced that 21-year-old Patterson from Gordon, Wisconsin, was taken into custody minutes following Jayme’s dramatic rescue after she was held captive in the woods for months. When they successfully pulled over his red Ford vehicle, the police stated he was instructed to open the door and raise his hands before he was heard calling out: “I know what this is about, I did it.”

According to authorities, the sicko chronicled how he planned to abduct and kill “anyone who was in the home” because he “could not leave any eyewitnesses behind.” In his gut-wrenching confession, Patterson also admitted when he saw Jayme, “he knew that was the girl he was going to take.”

According to the criminal complaint filed on January 14, Patterson first shot Jayme’s father, James Closs, in the head in the entryway of his home. After that, he barged into the bathroom to Denise Closs and Jayme embracing each other in a tub. He then restrained the 13-year-old with duct tape and shot her mom dead in the head.

The creepiest part? The criminal complaint also revealed he drove to their house twice to commit the heinous crimes, but was scared off by all the cars in the driveway and lights on in the house. That said, he gave “quite a bit of thought into the details of how” he was going to abduct the teen, the court documents revealed. “On one of the nights prior to his third trip to the Closs home on October 15, he stated he drove a few miles down the road and stole license plates off of a vehicle parked in a yard.” He stole the plates because “he did not want to get stopped or spotted with his own license plates on his car.”

After Jayme’s harrowing escape, she’s now home safe. As for Patterson? The psycho has been charged with murder and kidnapping … and will likely rot behind bars.